#Emmlaw NEW MUSIC: Drake Feat. Wiz Khalifa – Started From The Bottom (Remix) [Download]



The moment “Started From the Bottom” hit the blogosphere two things were understood. The first being that the track would be another notch on Drake’s smash record belt. Secondly, a wave of unofficial remixes would certainly hit the Internets within the next few weeks. Wiz Khalifa beats that rush, taking to Twitter last night to release his version.

“I know that song juss came out lol but i think it speaks to all of us so i put my verse on it before everyone else does,” tweeted Khalifa, sharing that he was a fan of Drizzy’s latest single. He continued, “Just listen and enjoy and if you dnt like it, cool.”

Wiz Khalifa flourishes with a quick 16 bars at the end of the the track. The Pittsburgh rapper’s brand of melodic rap, with a few ganja references in tow, fits perfectly here. A reference to Waka Flocka, who hasn’t ben a fan of Dr. Wiz in the past, at the end of Wiz’s verse implies that they’re at least on speaking terms now. “I just seen Waka the other day/He wasn’t tripping, we just talk about the money we been making.” The all mighty dollar trumps rap beef, again.

Download the “Started From the Bottom” remix below.



Author: Emmlaw

Nigerian, Black & Proud

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