#Emmlaw OPTICAL ILLUSION: Can YOU tell which leg belongs to who? Girls in black-and-white outfits create brain scrambling dance video

A group of dancing girls were crowd favorites at a talent show when they created an optical illusion with their black and white outfits.

Dressed in half white and black outfits when the chain joined together and danced, it appeared as if the one figure was moving when if fact it was the two color coordinated sides of two different girls.

The crowd clapped and laughed at the spectacle as the dancing girls soaked in the attention.


Black and white: Eight girls danced together in a line, creating an optical illusion with the alternating colors of their outfits


Trick: As they moved together with the music, it appeared as if a pair of legs belonged to one person

Who's leg is that?

Who’s leg is that? Donning sunglasses for the segment, a line of eight girls assembled to create the visual trick


Gettin’ down with the music: With a German dance track, Hiss – TANZ, blaring in the background while the girls strut their stuff

Watch Video Here

Author: Emmlaw

Nigerian, Black & Proud

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