#Emmlaw Kaymu.com.ng Introduces Free Commission Month


Lagos, Nigeria, November 22, 2013: Nigeria’s number one safest online marketplace Kaymu.com.ng has introduced the free commission month as a way of fostering entrepreneurship in the country. 

The organization which has since inception-risen to be the safest platform that links buyers and sellers of all variety of products places high premium on facilitating entrepreneurship.

In recent times, Nigeria has witnessed an increasing drive towards self-empowerment. With an active youth population like Nigeria’s, the employment rate in the country has kindled entrepreneurial spirit in a lot of individuals who have resorted to starting up businesses as their sole or added stream of income.

There have been quite a number of entrepreneurs who engage in different ventures not only to make profit or expand their businesses but also to give some comfort to their standard of living.

With the proliferation of small and medium scale businesses comes the need to equip operational processes to stay ahead in their chosen fields. The increasing online culture has necessitated an online presence to maintain a competitive advantage.

According to MassimilianoSpalazzi Managing Director of Kaymu.com.ng, “entrepreneurship is an integral factor in the growth of any nation. Kaymu.com.ng recognizes the drive of the Nigerian youths and has provided a safe online platform to conduct business.”

As a way of fostering entrepreneurship, Kaymu has put processes in place on its platform to ensure smooth and profitable trading. One of such moves is the introduction of the Kaymu Safe Pay which works as an Escrow service by allowing buyers pay directly into Kaymu’s secure account and transferring the money to the seller only when buyer is satisfied.

A more recent move is the introduction of the zero commission month which runs from the 22nd of December till the end of the year.

“Being an organization driven by the satisfaction of both buyers and sellers and one that understands the value of entrepreneurship, the zero commission month was put into place to continually encourage sellers by allowing them list products without commission during this period”, Spalazzi added.

This is in line with the company’s commitment to empower youths and small and medium scale business owners as well as facilitating the development of the economy.

About Kaymu.com.ng

Kaymu is Nigeria’s #1 online market place where buyers and sellers can meet and make the best deals for used or new products, such as smart phones, computers, fashion and clothing, home appliances for the cheapest price thanks to the fixed or auction pricing system.  Visit www.kaymu.com.ng to explore its offerings.



Author: Emmlaw

Nigerian, Black & Proud

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