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Video was shot in Miami. Enjoy…


Nice Video_
Video was shot in Miami. Enjoy…

Cheating Nigerian Doctor Hangs self in Kent! Cheating doctor who arranged to marry two women just one month apart killed himself when his double life was exposed

  • Dr Festus Ojagbemi, 49, known as ‘Wally’, had a surgery in Strood, Kent
  • Lived with long-term partner Jackie Hammond in week & lover at weekends
  • Bamidele Ayeni is a popular Juju singer in Nigeria known as Dele Achiever

A cheating Nigerian-born GP who led a double life with two women for seven years and promised to marry both of them one month apart hanged himself when his secret was exposed, an inquest heard.

Dr Festus Ojagbemi, 49, known as ‘Wally’, who had a surgery in Strood, Kent, lived with long-term partner Jackie Hammond in the week and lover Bamidele Ayeni on weekends – for seven years.

He fathered a child with Miss Ayeni – a popular Nigerian singer known as Dele Achiever – and said he would wed them both, while racking up thousands of pounds worth of debt taking them on holidays.

Caption: Dr Festus Ojagbemi, 49, known as ‘Wally’, who had a surgery in Strood, Kent, lived with long term partner Jackie Hammond in the week and Bamidele Ayeni (pictured) on the weekends – for seven years

But when the secret was discovered by Miss Hammond he stabbed himself twice in the chest at his surgery, St Mary’s Medical Centre, the inquest was told. But he survived that attempt on his life.

While recovering in hospital he told police and both women he was attacked by a stranger. But he eventually confessed the truth to officers – only to take his own life four days later on February 12.

Performer: Bamidele Ayeni is a popular singer from Nigeria, who was having an affair with Dr Ojagbemi

Performer: Bamidele Ayeni is a popular singer from Nigeria, who was having an affair with Dr Ojagbemi

Miss Hammond later found him at the detached house they shared in Hempstead, Kent. A note signed with his nickname was on the TV cabinet near where he was found in the conservatory.

The cost of leading the double life emerged after his death, the inquest in Maidstone, Kent, heard. Miss Hammond said a credit card firm phoned after he died, claiming he owed them £10,000.

She said: ‘I started phoning and everyone told me how much he owed them. By the time we got to the 10th or 11th, the bill was huge. We just couldn’t get our heads around it.

‘I work, I get paid, so we don’t talk about finances. If we go on holiday he would be the one that pays.’

The couple had planned their wedding for this May after almost 20 years together.

Miss Hammond said he killed himself because he felt guilty after the double life was uncovered, adding: ‘He just wanted me to notice he was hurting because of what he had done to me.’

Miss Ayeni did not appear at the inquest but the hearing was told of evidence she gave to police. She claimed Dr Ojagbemi proposed last October and that they were planning a wedding in April.

They had a child, he rented a flat for them, visited on weekends and they would talk six or seven times a day, she said.

Miss Ayeni, who sings Juju and pop music, said she knew about the other partner, but he told her he ‘did not love her any more’. She told officers: ‘I would call him “baby” because he was my baby. I would also call him my “husband”.

‘He’s intelligent, loving, caring, he buys me lots of things. Why would he do this to himself? Wally told me not to give anyone the news that we were getting married in April because everyone would go on about it.’

‘He’s intelligent, loving, caring, he buys me lots of things. Why would he do this to himself?’

Bamidele Ayeni

The court heard how the doctor, who also had two other children to two other women, had been off sick from work since December 2011, suffering from high blood pressure and vertigo.

The inquest was also told he had called Miss Ayeni on the day he died to tell her he loved her – and even discussed a wedding photographer with Miss Hammond on the morning he killed himself.

Recording a verdict of suicide, assistant deputy coroner Gail Elliman, said: ‘I am satisfied Dr Ojagbemi took his own life. I won’t go into any speculation about the reasons for doing so.’


The most bizarre sex tape ever?

Hulk Hogan attempts to distract with two-tone facial hair as explicit footage is leaked on the internet

The female in the video is thought to be Heather Clem, the ex-wife of Hulk’s best friend, radio DJ Bubba the Love SpongeStarring Clem, Hulk and Bubba, the tape is apparently 30 minutes long, Hulk can be heard telling the woman: ‘You’re a hot commodity’

A bizarre sex tape starring Hulk Hogan, his overweight best friend Bubba the Love Sponge and his ex-wife has been leaked online.

Caught out! Hulk Hogan’s sex tape has now leaked onto the internet

Also at LIV nightclub, which is next to Miami’s famed Fontainbleau Hotel, was Scott’s partner’s sister Kim Kardashian, who tweeted a photo of herself also posing with Hulk.Wearing a figure-hugging white cocktail dress, Kim lifts her arm and makes a fist while standing next to the wrestler.


Next to the photo she wrote:  ‘What you gonna do…when you have @hulkhogan in the house!!!!’

The Kardashian clan have been regulars at LIV since they started filming in Miami.

The club is known for its glitzy crowd and expensive prices, where the cover charge is regularly $60 and drinks start at around $20.

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Youths and employment in the present downturn

The disaster we have today with youths and unemployment is that there are so many youths who can do nothing apart from writing a CV, that is even if they are the ones that wrote the CV they are carrying about. This simply means that if they do not get a job in the next three (3) years the only thing some people will still be able to do is just to write a CV!Image

The present economic dispensation will give us the impression that there is no job but in the middle of this some people will be getting serious offers of employment. The only difference will be that some people who think they have skills will be looking for jobs while those with proven skills will have companies running after them!

A member of the house committee on youths in the House of Representatives during an orientation exercise of the National Youth Service Corp in Sokoto state said there are about 150,000 thousand youths deployed annually to serve in different parts of the country. The next thing that struck me was that all of these youths would have to be gainfully employed immediately after their youth service but the problem is that not all of these people seem to know where to go to get the ideal job. Some of them have just been told there is no job and some others just feel you must be connected to get a job.

Youths have to be gainfully employed to be productive but the way to be gainfully employed is to take our minds away from the job mentality. Once people have the job mentality they will always see themselves as people who must be given jobs and people who must be spoon fed all the time. When they eventually get this job they will begin to look forward to being paid and having pay increase even when they are not improving their skills. We must recognize that nobody really want to pay you just because you have been in a place for several years. You are supposed to be paid because of the value you are adding.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) and its Nigerian counterpart, National Examination Council (NECO) and Unified Tertiary Matriculations Examinations (UTME) record that more than one million (1,000,000) candidates write examinations annually but not up to three hundred thousand (300,000) of the one million candidates can make it to the tertiary institutions. The implication is that there at least about seven hundred thousand (700,000) youths who are looking for something to keep them busy until they can go back to school. I do not have the figures for those who have been to tertiary institutions but have not enrolled for the National Youth Service Corp but the figure certainly triples that of those who are officially registered for National Youths Service Corp who are now looking for jobs.

One of the things young people can do right now is to take interest in some specific skills and begin to equip themselves. This is the time when even graduates must be able to do something physical apart from just being able to write a CV. I think a graduate now must be able to say, ‘I am a carpenter but I have my BSc.’ This is the time when graduates must be able to say I am a BSc. Holder with a Masters’degree in another field but I am a tailor.

One other thing I must not forget to say is that some of the people who apply for jobs do not get jobs not because they are not qualified but because they do not take their appearances serious. I remember Leke Alder, a man referred to as the number one brand consultant in Nigeria, saying, ‘some people fail their job interviews just by showing up. Every employer has his ideal picture of an employee. Some slouch when they walk in and some are just not the picture of the employee that you want.’ Following that I will suggest to young people to begin to take their dressing serious and that does not mean they have to be dressed in expensive clothes. They only have to make sure that the ones they have are properly laundered! You should learn to look like someone who is wearing an expensive shirt even when you are wearing a cheap one!

I am not just going to outline issues without talking about what I feel people can do if they are really ready to make a living.

1.)    Youths must understand that it is not the certificate that will give you a job. The certificate only proves that you have been tutored.

2.)    The real essence of being educated is not to go and get a job. You were educated so that you can think and take initiatives for your life and future challenges. One of those challenges is making a living after school.

3.)    This is the time to be entrepreneurial rather than just waiting for someone to give you a job. There are basic daily needs for every human being around you. When you decide to provide those needs for people around you the you will be paid.

4.)    Let youths attend seminars not to be motivated alone and shout the name of a speaker but to be equipped. You do not have to attend seminars where all they do is talk. Let’s have more of skill acquisitions and let’s take actions after learning the skills. There are opportunities all around us.

If only we will look towards the daily needs of people around us then we will be able to take care of our own daily needs without always having to expect someone else must give us a job. I can see jobs everywhere despite the fact that people are saying there are no jobs. What will determine what you are saying sometimes is how much skills you have.

Go and get skills and not just certificates!